Why We Choose Dr Levy

Across the medical aesthetics & beauty industry, Dr. LEVY Switzerland is one of the most highly recommended and regarded products.


His unique formula is the first in the world to be proven to stimulate, protect and nourish the dermal stem cells. His research is award winning for its huge breakthrough in anti-ageing – most notably winning a Nobel Prize in 2012 alongside the research of Professor Yamanaka, proving the affects of ageing are reversible. Their independent clinical studies showed amazing real life results after just 8 weeks.


Dr. LEVY Switzerland is a family run business, with three main partners: Dr. Phillip Levy, and his two children Raphaëlle and Julien. The roots of the brand trace back to 1995 where Dr Phillip Levy was the first practitioner to use Anti-wrinkle injections in Switzerland as well as being the first to treat patients with CO2 laser-resurfacing. His love for medical discoveries and technological advances were evident from the early days, identifying the gaps in treatment protocols and aftercare. Here his interest in stem cells peaked and he identified them as the ‘holy grail of aesthetic dermatology:  reactivating and stimulating the very source of the skin’s own, most powerful anti-ageing system.’ When dermal stem cell reservoirs were discovered in December 2009, Dr Phillip Levy was one of the first to partake in active research and development to apply this essential discovery to medicine, and cosmeceuticals.


Stem cells are key for each organ or tissues’ healthy regeneration. As we age this process slows with the stem cells becoming tired and worn out. In this way, they are said to be the leading feature of anti-ageing development for the next 30 years to come. Aside from the stem cell activators, this unique formula also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C, E and more, making it a ‘ Mega-Super’ serum.


Specifically for the skin, it is important to remember that it has two layers.

  1. the superficial epidermis – responsible for the texture and softness that can be felt
  2. Thicker dermis – more important and deeper, where all our natural anti-ageing fighters are ( fibroblasts, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid)


The skin ageing process starts at around 20 years old and it is recommended that one should start the creams at 20. In reality, we only notice fine lines and wrinkles at 30 years old many, especially at the crow’s feet area. However, patients at 50 years old who regularly use Dr Levy Booster Serum and Booster Cream have been amazed at the significant improvement of the texture and smoothness of their skin.


The first products from the brand were launched in early 2012, after many years of fundamental research and formula  development. The Intense Stem Cell line is ultra specialised and defined as ‘Mede-luxe’, being distributed primarily in top clinics and medi-spas. Carbon Blush are proud to represent these medical-grade ingredients and results, associated with a touch of luxury and sensorial delight with their design, textures, scent and presentation. Each product encourages and stimulates the skin’s deep cellular transformation to deliver visible results that are a delight to see and feel. Many well known celebrities, politicians and other world-famous public figures are fans of the Dr LEVY brand, whether in Europe, the USA or Asia.


The main product that stands out, even to its creators, is the Booster Serum which sits at the heart of the Dr LEVY brand and is their best seller. Designed as an elixir, a small drop is sufficient for the full face, with the scentless formula nourishing and hydrating quickly for lasting radiance.


The Eye Booster Concentrate is also very popular and has received outstanding patients and press reviews including the Tatler Beauty Award, for being the ‘best thing since Anti-wrinkle injections’ and the InStyle Director’s Choice award. Dr Phillip Levy was also named as the Top International Aesthetic Dermatologist by Tatler UK in 2013. He is a frequent contributor to beauty magazines globally and beautiful women all over the world covet his skincare range. After eight weeks you can expect skin density to increase by 12% and wrinkle depth to decrease by 26%


With its unique patented argan complex, The Dr Levy Switzerland skincare line, promises to turn back the clock on ageing as it stimulates and revitalises dermal cells to create collagen, helping patients avoid surgery, reversing the signs of ageing and restoring their skin’s natural youthful beauty. Get I touch today to discus which Dr LEVY products are best recommended for you!


Stay safe,

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