A stunning and realistic microblading technique is used to implant natural pigment in to the skin to define the brows and lips with the perfect colour match.

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What is Microblading?

Brows are so important in framing your face.  Over-plucked, uneven, thinning or fair brows can be really problematic and time consuming when trying to correct with a brow pencil.  You can create a more youthful, defined and striking look with this treatment.


Our microblading technician will draw the exact shape of your new brows before applying the pigment with the microblading hairstroke technique.  Your new brows will look thicker and darker for a few days after treatment and you will be given precise aftercare instructions. Between 4 and 12 weeks after your initial treatment you will return to the clinic for a retouch treatment to perfect the brows and make them last longer.


You can also have this semi-permanent makeup treatment to bring colour to your lips. You can opt for a full lip colour, this highlights the outline of the lip as well as full block colour to the lips, or a healthy natural-looking blush to your lips, a subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape with a little added pout. Or just a liner to fade away any imprecations around the lip line. All of these treatments will cover blemishes or irregularities in lip colour and tone, with pinks, corals, nudes, and browns we have plenty of colour to choose from.

Microblading Sessions Available:

Eyebrows (£495)

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Lip Liner (£395)

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Lip Blush (£395)

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Lip Liner & Lip Blush (£495)

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  • Excellent anti-ageing treatment
  • Enhances features
  • Effects can last up to 3 years
  • Minimal downtime
  • Relatively quick procedure
  • Thinning eyebrows
  • Uneven eyebrows
  • Fair eyebrows
  • Uneven skin tone around the lips
  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight for a week after treatment
  • Keep treated area clean and makeup free for a week after treatment
  • Apply post treatment serum for a week after treatment
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and perfumes
  • Eyebrows (£495)
  • Lip Liner (£395)
  • Lip Blush (£395)
  • Lip Liner & Lip Blush (£495)

Client Treatment Images

eyebrow microblading

A more natural method for a more permanent definition!

Pigment is implanted into the upper dermis of your brow skin in individual hair strokes using a manually operated blade. It’s more shallow than a regular cosmetic tattoo which results in more natural colours.

Saher from Carbon Blush
Saher Elgaoud


“Lindsay is very pleased with how her eyebrows went. She loves them.”

“I just wanted to say that Sahar did a fantastic job on my eyebrows. I love them! Look forward to seeing you soon.”

Farah Fairweather

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