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What are Makeovers?

A makeover is a radical change in appearance. When the word is used to describe a change in human physical appearance.


For our makeovers we predominantly use Jane Iredale Mineral cosmetics, favoured by Hollywood A listers, due to its 100% natural mineral content and healing skin properties. We offer a range of makeovers styles but have listen our most popular below. Contact us directly for specific styles.

Makeovers Available:

Professional Makeover (£75)

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Bridal Makeover (£105)

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Trial Makeover (£45)

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Jane Iredale products use a highly-sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments that are micro-pulverised

This means that your skin is allowed to breathe and function normally whilst wearing the makeup, whilst being protected from air-borne pollutants. Gorgeous and good for your skin!

Daniella Williams


“I love this clinic. Daniella is a fantastic make up artist and I am so so happy with my eyelashes!!!! Thank you!!”

Anilu Huerta del Rio

“Daniella has done so many treatments for me such as laser, skin peels and also make up. The lady’s that work here are so professional! I would highly recommend carbon blush”


Complimentary Treatments



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