IV Drips: Trick or Treatment

No longer is feeling revitalised and re-energised just for celebrities. Visit us to experience the latest health trend by hooking up to an IV drip made just for you!


The treatment administers vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream stimulating a more immediate response from the body over alternative supplements. The amounts administered are carefully controlled to suit each patient and assessed and monitored to provide the best results. Typically, only 50% of vitamins are absorbed into the body when consumed orally but with IV vitamin therapy this is increased to 90%. An IV drip is a quick and efficient way to deliver  fluids or medications into the body’s circulation using a securely placed needle into the patients vein.


One client said – “I was continuously suffering from fatigue due to cramming in work, children, and also finding the time to exercise and take care of myself . I had read magazines that talked about the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities using IV Vitamin Drips to counteract their hectic lifestyles and I thought – ‘if only I could afford the luxury!’ Then a friend mentioned Carbon Blush were offering the treatments and I booked an appointment immediately! I found the effects to be amazing – I woke up the next day feeling revitalised with a renewed spring in my step! My busy lifestyle hasn’t changed but my mood and health definitely have!”


Treatments take place over 45 minutes with supervision from a medical professional.  The therapy has become increasingly popular with celebrities to improve all manner of issues from deficiencies to tiredness or skin brightness, depending on the vitamin combination of choice. The most popular uses of IV vitamin therapy are:

– Stress relief

– Hormone balance

– Immunity boost

– Skin brightness

– Toxin removal


Another client said – “I visited Carbon Blush for an IV Vitamin drip that had been personalised just for me. I was sceptic as to what I read about the treatment, but thought I had to make my mind up for myself. I discussed my feelings of stress and anxiety with the medical professional, but also how this linked to feeling like I was constantly ill. A combination of ingredients from drips such as Mood Booster, the Vitamin C Drip and more made up my individual concoction. Not only were the girls in there so accommodating, my mental health has most definitely improved and I’m so grateful for all their help!


Get in touch for specific benefits that you would be interested in achieving so we can point you towards the right package or tailor an IV treatment just for you!


Stay safe,

Katie x


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