How To Achieve Your Health Goals in 5 Easy Steps!

The beginning of the year is a time to contemplate your health, wellbeing and overall happiness. Your aim is to be healthy and happy, but there is something that is stopping you from achieving your optimum in both. Follow these 5 easy and proven steps to improve your life and wellbeing and make your health goals actually happen!



1. Stop the bad habits

It is those self-inflicting bad habits that can make your health deteriorate and thus affect your entire wellbeing and quality of life.  When those feelings of self-loathing and lack of confidence constantly resonate with you it is time to change your bad habits in to good habits.

  • Stop eating junk food – It causes rapid weight gain, inflammation and skin problems. This can lead to self-loathing, depression and lethargy, stopping your energy flow in to achieving your goals.
  • Stop using poor quality products on your skin – Toxic parabens and GMOs are used in many makeup, hair and skin products causing all sorts of skin issues ranging from eczema, acne and pigmentation. Bad skin can make you self-conscious, leading to self-loathing, anti-social communication and even depression.
  • Stop hunching your back – we all do it! Hunching over your desk or standing with bad posture can cause long term issues. This shortens the spine and causes your spinal discs to distort, leading to all sorts of medical problems including backache, sciatica, sleep problems, headaches and migraines.



2. Start with positive actions

An upkeep of positive behaviours and good habits bring about a positive mind.  Likewise a positive mind will illicit positive behaviours allowing you to achieve your health goals leading to a healthier, happier and productive life!

  • Exercise regularly – not only to stay at a healthy weight but to also trigger the release of those little happy hormones, endorphins.
  • Eat a balanced diet – ensure to include lots of vegetables!
  • Drink lots of water – hydration is key to your energy levels, boosting your metabolism, flushing out toxins and in purifying and plumping your skin.
  • Declutter your house – if your habitat is cluttered your mind will feel cluttered. Free space to allow the flow of new positive things in your life.
  • Start a skin regime – your skin is the first thing that you see and is a massive indicator of your overall health. If it glows, you will glow!



3. Don’t set unrealistic goals

You have a goal to achieve a better ‘you’.  But, being human and often functioning on a need-reduction basis, once your target is set you want it now!  So you set yourself an unrealistic time frame to achieve it.   Do not put pressure on yourself to achieve the ‘perfect you’ overnight; that simply won’t happen!

This will only cause frustration when you don’t achieve your plans.  Frustration induces negative thoughts causing you to believe that your goals are impossible to achieve, resulting in you giving up completely.  Then, guess what?  You fall back in to the same bad habits again, because if you can’t achieve your goals you may as well give up right?

  • Set small daily targets – this could be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, having a fresh salad for lunch, exfoliating your skin.
  • Document your improvements – you often can’t see those small improvements in your weight loss or skin texture each day, but taking a photo of yourself once a week will allow you to refer back and realise the change. This will make you feel great and encourage more of your positive behaviour!



4. Take small steps

Instead, be conscious of your good habits each day and recognise the gradual improvements in yourself and in your life.   Doing small, positive actions daily will gradually amount to greater achievements in your life and succeeding in your health goals.

  • Do 5 minutes of exercise each day – seriously, that’s all you need to do! 5 minutes of an intensive workout that makes you drip in sweat will shed pounds, quicker than you think!
  • Clear out one drawer in your house – you don’t have to spring clean your house all in one day! Just target one small section every few days and before you know it your house will be perfectly organised, without the sweat!
  • Apply a face mask every evening – you may say that you don’t have the time to do this, but you do! Apply it, watch TV or do the washing up, and then remove – easy! A hydrating Vitamin C mask for dry skin or a clarifying bentonite clay mask for acne will improve your skin rapidly, with hardly any effort. We recommend the Dr Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask.



5. Reward yourself!

When you have achieved small set health goals you should treat yourself in order to reinforce your positive actions.   This could be having a gorgeous facial or a relaxing massage.  You deserve to spend a little money on yourself!  These ‘treats’ will only encourage positive feelings which will lead to more positive actions and greater self-achievements.

  • Have a hot bath at the end of the day – this is a great time to meditate and to completely relax and switch off.
  • Have a monthly facial – this will revive your skin, promoting skin cell renewal and improving skin clarity, tone and texture, making you feel great!  Find out which facial is best for you.
  • Have a massage – this will relax your body and destress your mind, drawing out toxins and loosening stiff knots that can cause pain and bad posture. This is not just a luxurious treatment, it is actually necessary! Find out which massage is best for you.



Positive Mind Positve Life

If I can do it you can do it!  I implemented these 5 steps in to my life and had life changing improvements.  I stopped biting my nails by having a manicure every 2 weeks.  By spending a little money on my nails and making them look beautiful I learned to respect them.  I cleared up my skin by drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine, starting a medical grade skincare system (the Obagi Nuderm System) and having a light Obagi Blue Radiance skin peel once month.  My skin has never looked better and my confidence has improved so much.  I am a happier and more productive person for it!

What seem like small things to you may be in fact very large influencers in your overall happiness.  Small changes can lead to great things!


The Best Time For New Beginnings is Now!

All you have to do now is to figure out the things in your life that trigger your bad moods and stop your positive energy flow. What do you want to see change and what do you want to welcome in to your new life?  Now just go for it!  Stop those bad habits and implement new positive behaviours to set you down the path to success in your health goals!


Love & Light

Daniella x


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