Fall For Our Autumnal Facial Tips By Fixing Your Sun Damaged Skin

With Summer drawing to a close, Autumn is the perfect time to re-balance and re-energise your skin, like the changing colours of the leaves.


Do you know the damage?

After the glorious weather that the summer of 2019 provided us with, we can only imagine that your skin is in need of some serious rehydration. Sun exposure reduces collagen production causing pre-mature ageing of skin that loses elasticity and firmness. Though sun may not show these effects instantly, damage may resurface years later as a result of UV radiation that causes alteration in the actual DNA makeup of skin cells.

Things to watch out for include:

– Fine Lines

– Wrinkles

– Skin Dryness

– Skin Tightness

– Age spots

– Skin Cancer

– Rough Skin


Sunscreen is your new best friend

While we’re sure you know all too well that sun cream should be worn year round there are too many of us that aren’t committing! Not only that, but conventional sun creams only protect against surface, sun-burning UVB light. To protect the deeper and more vulnerable skin layers we suggest using Dr Levy Stem Cell Booster Enriched Booster Cream alongside Obagi Sunshield Matte SPF 50 to prevent photo-aging (contact us for more information). Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher will also lead the way to faster skin healing and protection.



Don’t run a marathon just exercise exfoliation!

Whether your summer was filled with outdoor adventures, Ibiza blowouts, or Caribbean chill fests, your skin will be taking the heat. Eliminate that uneven skin tone and blotchy build up by exfoliating dead skin cells to restore skin lustre and smoothness. At Carbon Blush we can offer Obagi Blue Radiance Skin Peels. Skin appears tighter, smoother, brighter after just one treatment.



Moisturiser Motivation

The sunshine isn’t the only summer culprit that your skin has been exposed to. Salt water and chlorine from your deep sea dives and all inclusive resorts will have had a severe drying effect on your skin.

Proper hydration will plump the skin and even the area around the eyes, making the skin appear less wrinkled through stimulated collagen production. For the eyes in particular we recommend Elastiderm Eye Treatment (contact us for more details).

Getting into a regular moisturising routine, with products that work for you, will prep your skin for the cold weather ahead and reduce any damage winter may induce.



You get out what you put in!

Just as we need to protect ourselves from the outside, it is equally important to love ourselves (and our skin!) from the inside.

Vitamin C and antioxidants are a skin care essential. Not only do they help firm the skin by rebuilding collagen, but additionally new skin cell growth is facilitated. Vitamin C also controls skin darkening by inhibiting the enzyme tyronaise for a more even skin tone.

At Carbon Blush we offer IV Treatments that can be tailored to the individual as well as our classic drips such theVitamin C Drip or the Detox Drip, that are perfect for a post-summer boost – contact us for more details!


Stay safe,

Katie x


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