Saturday Snippets – Episode 5 (Evening Summer Skincare Regime)

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Saturday Snippets involves one of our professionals discussing a variety of topics for around ten. minutes each Saturday. Tune in to find out more or view our previous episodes over on our YouTube channel here:


Episode 5 (Evening Summer Skincare Regime)

This week Daniella talks through three essential products: Dr Levy 3Deep Cleanser, Dr Levy Booster Serum and Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe. These three products are top of the range for protecting skin from sun damage and breakouts that are prone in this beautiful weather. Listen to Daniella’s professional expertise and recommendations from years of experience and patient results. Additionally – THIS WEEKEND ONLY – get 10% off these three products by using the code DANI10 – dont miss our on this amazing saving opportunity and head over to our website now!

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  • Date: May 2, 2020