Saturday Snippets – Episode 8 (How To Remove Your Make-Up Properly)

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Saturday Snippets involves one of our professionals discussing a variety of topics for around ten. minutes each Saturday. Tune in to find out more or view our previous episodes over on our YouTube channel here:


Episode 8 – How To Remove Your Make-Up Properly

Today Katie takes you through the proper way to remove your make-up. She will be trialling some of our new products that are in the development stage for our Carbon Blush Botanicals range.

We know how easy it is to be tempted to give your face a quick rinse each day or to sleep in our makeup – but this causing you to block you pores and facilitate breakouts!

Katie is wearing her usual day-to-day make-up including products from Jane Iredale which will be available on our website soon!



Step 1 – Creamy Cleanser

A lot of makeup products believe it or not have a lot of fats in them, especially the more creamy products. The best way to remove fats is with fats! So milky textured products are a really great way to get rid of the bulk of your makeup to start with. Katie uses her fingers to really massage the creamy cleanser in and try to lift off as much of the makeup as she can. It’s important to use circular motions to encourage the lifting of the skin. 

To remove the cleanser you can use a clean face cloth, towel, or simply baby wipes. Please be gentle with your skin! We don’t want to see people scrubbing away like mad men trying to get their make up off because they’re desperate to get to bed! This can cause abrasions and leave the skin susceptible to infection. Especially if you suffer from acne, this might just spread the infection all over and all of the time you take one skin care will just be a waste!



Step 2 – Oil-Based Cleanser

Next Katie focuses a bit more delicately on the eye area with our new ‘Makeup Melter’ product. Oil is the only substance that sinks into the pores and clings on to makeup

and sebum you’re remove it. When removing eye makeup you don’t want pull out your lashes so just a smooth downward movement to get it off will gently work. 



Step 3 – Washing your face

Next we move onto washing the face to remove the excess oils and any remaining clogging substances. First you want to rinse it with water but you need to make sure that this is luke warm. Cold water is going to seize up your pores and doesn’t allow the bacteria, sebum and oil build up to be washed away. Boiling hot water with dehydrate your skin and dry it out, so it’s important to get a good warm temperature that isn’t damaging and opens pores nicely.

You should be washing your face twice a day! Once in the morning and once in the evening – this is essential for promoting healthy, glowing skin. Washing the face with water  alone will encourage a build up of bacteria and yeast so it’s important to use a wash that’s right for your skin.

Everyone’s skin is different so it’s important to choose the right cleanser for your skin. Dry skin needs a more creamy wash to rehydrate the skin, whereas oily skin is better with a cleanser that really foams up to cut through the oil. You should only use a more abrasive exfoliator a few times a week. Dr Levy 3Deep cleanser is the best for this with its rice beads and gentle exfoliating properties. You can purchase this on our online shop – link in the bio!

Usually we would recommend using an advanced skin tool to really activate these products and make them work their hardest but due to lockdown Katie did not have access to these today! With both your fingers and tools make sure you always massage gently with light to medium pressure in circular motions, and go upwards. This technique encourages lifting and does not drag the skin under the eyes etc. Facial muscle stimulation as part of the washing process encourages ancient face lifting techniques. Massage the temples too for relaxation to reduce tension in face and relax eye muscles which cause crows feet. Always remember to finish facial massage movement with medium pressure down the next to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Katie uses the Clenziderm Foaming Wash for her acne prone skin – you can purchase this via our website – link in our bio!



Step 4 – Pat Dry

Once you have washed your face pat your face dry with a clean towel that should be specifically used for your face! No scrubbing or running as here your face is at is most vulnerable! 

Make sure to follow up with all of your serums and moisturisers to promote collagen and elastin to plump and brighten the skin! 

Head over to to shop our full range of leading brand products!

Lots of Love,

Carbon Blush

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