7 Proven Scientific Ways to Reduce Wrinkles!


Retinol (which is actually Vitamin A) is a miracle ingredient when it comes to anti-ageing

Clinical studies over the years have scientifically proven that retinol does reduce wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, sun damage, scarring and acne. 

Retinol induces the production of collagen which smooths and plumps the skin.  It also stimulates skin cell renewal which keeps your skin looking younger and tighter which is great because as you get older skin cell production slows down causing sagging and wrinkles.

Any cream or serum containing retinol is an absolute must and should be used from your late 20’s onwards. 

When choosing a retinol cream, opt for something that contains at least 1% retinol.  Tretinoin is a stronger form of retinol and can be purchased on prescription from a specialist medical skincare clinic. 


  • Obagi Medical Retinol Cream 1% – this is a strong dose of retinol which can be applied daily to achieve a smoother and tighter skin.
  • Obagi Medical Tretinoin 0.1% – this a prescription strength retinol cream which is the most advanced anti-ageing topical skin treatment. Tretinoin is the gold standard anti-ageing skin treatment!



 2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects the skin from free radical damage.  Free radicals causes oxidisation of skin cells, which destroys them, causing premature ageing.

Free radicals break down collagen and skin cell membranes depleting plumpness of the skin which causes wrinkling.

Free radicals come from pollution, smoking, alcohol, UV light and high doses of sugar.

Any cream or serum containing at least 15% Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles.  It will protect your skin from free radical damage, inducing collagen production and reducing pigmentation at the same time.




 3. Sun Cream

UV light from the sun and sunbeds is the biggest cause of premature ageing and an epic 80% of all wrinkles are caused by exposure to UV rays.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that wearing a sun factor is critical in stopping those UV rays from penetrating the skin.

At least an SPF 30 should be applied to the skin every day. The sun emits UV rays that penetrate clouds, so sun cream must be worn even on a cloudy day and in the winter months.  When you are outside for prolonged periods of time sun cream should be re-applied every 2 hours.

The best sun creams are physical sun creams which contain zinc oxide, a mineral that helps to heal the skin and reduce inflammation.  These are far more advanced than chemical sun creams which can cause acne and hyperpigmentation.


  • Obagi Medical Nuderm Sunshield Matte SPF 50 – this is a physical sun cream that contains no added oils, which is great for oily and acne-prone skin. The high levels of zinc oxide reduce skin redness and promotes rapid skin healing post treatment.



 4. Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections is a remarkable muscle relaxer which smooths away lines and wrinkles instantly.  A stronger dosage of Anti-wrinkle injections will also have a lifting effect which raises your eyebrows and eyelids, giving a youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections treats the lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows, crow’s feet around your eyes, smokers lip lines and chin wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle injections is administered every 3-6 months by a qualified practitioner.  Regular Anti-wrinkle injections injections will prevent wrinkles from deepening much further, which is great news if you start from your early 30s!

The added bonus to this treatment is prevention of tension headaches and migraines if administered in the forehead and around the eyes.



 5. Microneedling

Microneedling is a clinically advanced treatment which causes the skin to rapidly produce new collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin allow your skin to maintain hydration, keeping it plump and youthful.  Microneedling causes your skin to plump, smoothing wrinkles, tightening pores and lifting the skin.

This is a miracle treatment and can be performed every 4 weeks.



 6. Skin Peels

As you age skin cell renewal slows down causing wrinkling and sagging skin.  Having regular skin peels is the best way to constantly renew your skin cells.

Skin peels buff away dead and damaged epidermal skin cells promoting the production of healthy young skin cells.  Your skin will be tighter, firmer, smoother and wrinkle free!

Common skin concerns such as open pores, blackheads, acne, acne scarring and pigmentation will all be reduced with regular skin peels.


  • Obagi Medical Blue Peel Radiance – this is a clinically advanced light strength skin peel comprising of salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid. This peel can be done every 4 weeks to keep your skin looking flawless!
  • TCA Peel – this peel comprises TCA acid with salicylic and glycolic to make up a medium to high strength skin peel, depending on what is suitable. It can be performed every 3 to 6 months and penetrates deeper in to the skin to lift many layers of damaged skin. This peel will leave you looking 10 years younger!



 7. HIFU Therapy

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound, which is used to penetrate deep in to the skin’s dermis, promoting rapid collagen and elastin production.

This advanced clinical skin treatment, no as the non-surgical facelift, is the latest technology which lifts, tightens and repairs the skin without downtime.

HIFU has taken the aesthetic industry by storm and if you are serious about preventing wrinkles, toning and lifting the skin then this is the treatment to invest in.



Combining all of these 7 treatments will give you optimum results in your anti-ageing skin regime.  Your skin will thank you for it, I promise!


Love & Light

Daniella x


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