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New Year New Skin Care

With a new year in full swing it’s time to start a fresh with your skin care regime and tag your new pics with the caption “New Year New Skin Care”. We’ve pulled together a few key tips to recover from that extra glass of Prosecco you had as the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve. Haven’t got a New Years resolution yet? Well here you go!

Tip #1 Stop touching your face
You can apply all the product in the world, but if you keep picking your face then it won’t change a thing! Whether its the tears of an ancient Egyptian God or a spot treatment you picked up from your local shop, no product will banish your imperfections if you keep touching, and thus infecting, your skin.
Tip #2 Wear SPF daily
Whoever said SPF is just for the summer, never looked up in the sky and saw that the sun is present 365 days of the year! Just because its not beaming down and turning you into the bronze goddess you always dreamed, doesn’t mean your skin needs any less protection.
Tip #3 Double Cleanse
So taking off your makeup and cleaning your face are two different things – who’d have guessed?! Well, actually you probably. Why do we believe that a baby wipe is going to solve our skin care problems if they heavy night out a few hours before wasn’t good enough! Whether its daily wear or full glam, always make sure you practice the two steps in full to remove both makeup and excess dirt from your face.
Tip #4 Wash Your Make Up Brushes
 Would you wash your dishes with a dirty sponge? No – then why do we insist on treating our face worse than our pots and pans! Rubbing the oils from your face three weeks ago onto your complexion today, is NOT helping your breakouts!
Tip #5 Invest in the Key Ingredients
At Carbon Blush we offer the best in skincare. From Dr Levy to Obagi we offer FREE skin collations to recommend what’s right for your skin. Visit us today to see our full range of offerings.
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