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Whether you want to sign up for free to receive offers and gifts, manage you weight management goals or stay topped up with facials and injectables, then we have the membership package for you! Take a look at the various packages available and find the one that best suits you to make some amazing savings and become part of the Carbon Blush community.

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The perfect loyalty card scheme for all members of Carbon Blush, redeemable after your first treatment! (included in all memberships)

This membership includes:

– Personalised Monthly Offers

– New discount available after

every three treatments

– Refer a friend offers

– Free consultations & product trials

– Free Birthday Treatment

Six treatments every six months.

 Select your annual column ( A, B or C ) and then amend your combination of treatments bi-annually.

Additionally receive 15 % off any other treatment booked!




Six treatments every six months, plus one treatment under £200 as your free diamond gift!

 Select your annual column ( A, B or C ) and then amend your combination of treatments bi-annually.

*Starred treatments can be chosen more than once.

Additionally receive 25 % off any other treatment booked!




A tailored membership for those specifically looking to manage their weight and reach their goals. 

This membership includes 2 treatment combinations that alternate monthly.

Weight Loss Focussed IV Drips & SlimMe

Personalised vitamins and minerals are administered directly into the blood stream, stimulating a more immediate response from the body than alternative supplements.

The SlimMe system is based on thermal lipolysis (tissue heating) achieved by the synergy of uniform Ultrasound and Radio-Frequency.

Lymphatic Massage & B12 Vitamin Shot

This targeted massage, aids drainage of toxins and fat cells, as well as smoothing and toning the skin, which subsequently reduces cellulite.

The booster shot, containing high levels of cyanocobalamin, helps keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy and reduces fatigue.

Additionally receive 15% off all other treatments



A membership designed for those who want Botox On Tap!

Botox is used to relax the main muscle groups on the face to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by preventing the skin from creasing and wrinkles from deepening. Treatment takes no more than a few minutes, and unlike invasive surgery, there is no recovery time.

 Within a few days the Botox will have full effect and will last between 3-6 months. With continued use, Botox can be used as a preventative treatment to prevent lines and wrinkles appearing in the first place.

Botox can only be administered every 3 months, however all clients are eligible for a check up  two weeks after each treatment.

Medical practitioners will advise on recommended areas, quantities & frequency of treatment, as results differ between from individual to individual.


There are so many ways to get involved with Carbon Blush whether you visit us in our beautiful clinic, interact with our online community or shop for some amazing products via our online store.

TEL: 01483 613372 

MOB: 07730 367832


ADDRESS: Carbon Blush, 254 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3JG


Carbon Blush is in the heart of Guildford, at the top of the high street.  It is a 5 minute drive from the A3 and a 3 minute drive or 10 minute walk from Guildford Station.  There is parking directly outside the clinic on the high sreet for a maximum stay of half an hour.  Alternatively, the RGS car park across the road (next door to Tony and Guy) and the G Live car park, which is a 2 minute walk, are available for longer parking sessions.

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